A company founded in friendship

Her name was Ann. And it was the debilitating impact of chemotherapy in her fight against small cell lung cancer that led friends and Northern Green Canada founders, Lisa and Mary, to help Ann investigate alternative treatments. Their search led them to discover cannabis oils as a remedy for the profound nausea afflicting their best friend.

And inspired by discovery

This discovery changed the way Lisa and Mary thought about cannabis. It sparked their impassioned drive to create a company dedicated to helping others through the use and innovation of medical cannabis; to start Northern Green Canada, a company founded on compassion and friendship. 

Our promise to you

Product Excellence

Anchored by our grow team’s 40 plus years of collective experience, our hydroponic process in which we control all aspects of the environmental conditions – temperature, humidity, nutrients – enables us to cultivate pharma grade medical cannabis of exceptional quality.

Patient Concierge

Led by our Medical Health Director, our patient support and customer service personnel provide knowledgeable and friendly advice and guidance. Our focus is on you and your well-being.

Northern Green Sciences

We believe that innovation is critical to serving our patients. That is why we established Northern Green Sciences, a research and development division dedicated to medical cannabis’ innovation. Currently, we are in the midst of a two-year clinical observation study approved by Health Canada for an opioid replacement therapy.

Our Team

Lisa McCormack

CEO & President

Lisa first became interested in medical cannabis when in helping a lifelong friend fighting cancer, she discovered how effective cannabis oil was in treating nausea caused by chemotherapy. As Lisa learned more, her passion for championing cannabis for medical use grew, culminating with the founding of Northern Green Canada. Her vision for NGC is personal as is her drive to produce only cannabis of the highest quality. Ultimately, Lisa’s decision to start NGC with long-time business partner Mary Mill was more than an entrepreneurial choice, it was a calling to do good.

Mary Mill

Chief Policy Officer

Like Lisa, Mary’s commitment to medical cannabis is founded in a personal story. It’s that personal connection that drives Mary to ensure NGC’s operational excellence; to take bold plans and make them everyday realities. Mary just knows how make stuff happen.

John Ng

Vice President of Finance

John joined NGC in the early days. His fit with was evident. John brings 18 years’ experience in finance, eight as the CFO for various public and private companies including Golden Leaf Holdings Inc., a Portland, Oregon based medical cannabis company.

Dr. Hamed Hashemi

Medical Health Director

Ten years ago, when a family member was diagnosed with cancer, Hamed first began his extensive exploration into the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids. The result is a deeply held passion for complementary medicine and cannabinoid research. Hamed brings this passion to Northern Green Canada with his mandate to further the organization’s initiatives in research, development and ensuring safe practices with cannabinoids.

Steve Hennigar P. Eng

Quality Assurance Person (QAP)

A meticulous and analytical thinker, Steve’s experience makes possible Northern Green Canada’s mandate to deliver only the highest quality product. Every day he performs a full range of on-site quality control activities including the initiation and implementation of change controls related to all aspects of Quality Assurance.

Don Shane Taylor

Master Grower

Look up perfectionist in the dictionary, and it’s likely you’ll find a picture of Don looking back. Extensively experienced in all aspects of cannabis cultivation and processing, Don’s expertise is the direct result of the fact that he has been working in the Canadian cannabis industry since its inception. Prior to joining Northern Green Canada, Don was the lead production and logistics supervisor at MedReleaf. Don brings passion and dedication to his craft. The result is medical cannabis of the highest calibre.

Is Under Construction

Northern Green Sciences is currently under construction. For more information on Northern Green, please see our active sites below:

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