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Northern Green Sciences (NGS) incorporated in 2017, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of licensed producer Northern Green Canada. As the owner of all research and development initiatives, NGS’ mission is to validate cannabis as a viable medical alternative to the use of allopathic medicine.

We put you and your health first

Pharmaceutical R&D

Through comprehensive clinical trials, conducted under federal regulations and approved by the Research Ethics Board (REB) in Canada, our goal is to initiate the foundation for NGS to become a pure pharmaceutical entity. NGS seeks to promote evidenced-based understanding of cannabis with the desired outcome to obtain a Drug Identification Number (DIN) for cannabis-based products.

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Our Team

Oversight of all NGS research and development will be managed by our expert medical committee, lead by the esteemed Dr. Raphel Mechoulam. Dr. Mechoulam is recognized as a leader in the medicinal cannabis field, and is a pioneer in THC and CBD research.

NGS is aligned with the sharpest minds in the field of scientific medicinal cannabis research whose visions and objectives are aligned to develop the most advanced medical delivery systems to provide consistent and customized dosed medication.

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam

Special Advisor, R&D Oversight

Dr. Todd Slesinger

Doctor of Emergency Medicine

Aventura Hospital, Florida

Dr. Leon Genesove

Chief Physician

Ontario Ministry of Labour

Dr. Ira Price

Assistant Clinical Professor

Dept. of Internal Medicine, McMaster University

Kory Lazar

Chairman of the Committee, R&D Director


Current Clinical Studies

NGS’ initial clinical study of Cannabis for Opioid Substitution was approved by the Canadian REB (Research Ethics Board) and initiated in 2017. Currently in Phase 2, it is anticipated that Phase 3 of the study will begin in early 2020. In addition to the opioid substitution study, NGS has embarked on the development of scientific based solutions for pain management with the use of medicinal cannabis and various illness indications such as:

Our Passion is You

At NGS our top priority is to improve the quality of patients’ lives without unnecessary negative side effects. Through ongoing research, studies and clinical trials, our aim is to be the established authority in Canadian cannabis research.

Passion, dedication and ingenuity will continue to drive the advancement of the science of cannabis and are the tenets of NGS.

We put you and your health first

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Northern Green Sciences is currently under construction. For more information on Northern Green, please see our active sites below:

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